Reach more B2B buyers with a Google Ads Marketing Agency

If you’re looking for a product, service or a piece of information, where do you go? For billions of businesses worldwide, the answer is ‘Google’.

Through Google, people are very actively searching for things they need, and being there at the right time and place is extremely important for B2B businesses.

B2B Google Ads enable businesses to capture leads and expedite the process of conversion. The platform’s biggest advantage is that you don’t have to go out looking for buyers – they’re already looking for you. This makes Google Ads a super effective tactic for inbound marketing.

Our Approach as a B2B Google Ads Agency


We’ll assess the right keywords and search volumes (so we know what your audience is searching for), evaluate the products, USP’s, and offerings of your competitors. We tailor your communication to stand out amongst the competition.

Landing Page

We’ll build a landing page that conveys the value which your organisation provides. Landing pages are important for encouraging visitors’ to take action about a product, service or offering. We usually have two versions in an A/B test style landing page.


Campaign setup will differ based on the type of campaign planned (for example, a search ad vs display ad). These will include setting up and planning for keywords, budget, and success metrics (among other things). UTMs and other tracking codes are par for the course.

Conversion Rate

Google ads isn’t a set and forget type – it’s important to track the performance of the ads to get the most value out of your spend. We’ll evaluate what’s working and what’s not, whilst we optimise the ones that are yielding the best results or conversions.

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Other services for B2B outsourced marketing

SEO services

The most cost-effective way to build brand credibility and improve the leads you receive


Communicate and build relationships with new and existing customers by creating and distributing valuable and relevant content

Social media

Build brand awareness and increase customer engagement using LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram

Website design
& development

Make it easier for your customers to find you with a website that matches your brand and your business


Run highly targeted campaigns to your ideal audience, and build real business connections

Email nurturing &
lead generation

Position yourself with potential customers, recycle leaked buyers and stay front of mind with your ideal audience


Build consistent, attractive brand identity with professional and personalised design and branding

CRM & marketing

Ensure you have the right tools set up and configured to manage and track leads and support your sales and marketing engine

List building

Identify your targets and ensure your marketing is making it to the right people

Analytics &

Know what’s working, when, why and for whom with insights on marketing performance and customer behaviour

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